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ANANDAM INSURANCE & FinSERV extends a warm welcome to our esteemed visitors on our website. This endeavor is aimed at providing our valued clientele with a seamless experience, granting them access to a wealth of information and services, all at their utmost convenience.

We take great pride in our affiliation with the prestigious "CHAIRMAN CLUB" of LIC of INDIA. Our consistent recognition on the basis of policy and premium performance, our distinction as a SATKVIR AGENT, and our continuous qualification for the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) since 2012 reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence. In the year 2023, we have achieved the remarkable feat of surpassing MDRT qualification 2.5 times within a single year. These achievements stand as a testament to the unwavering support of our valued customers, friends, and well-wishers.

We offer a range of compelling services with the primary objective of providing 24/7 precise, responsive, and convenient assistance to our valued consumers. Through personalized login credentials, individuals can access this platform to swiftly and conveniently review their insurance and investment-related data at their convenience. Our approach centers on tailoring our services to each customer's unique needs, leveraging insurance policies as an essential tool to achieve their financial goals. As Kishan Kotadiya, I completed my Higher Secondary education in 1997. To enhance my expertise in the insurance sector, I have successfully completed Basic, Advanced, and Plan courses at the Institute of Excellence.

I have successfully completed a Corporate Course, specifically designed for planning insurance for industrialists and businessmen. This course focuses on addressing succession risk, business protection planning, wealth creation, liability hedging, profit hedging, and more. Additionally, I have achieved certification in 'Certified Financial Planning' to better assist our customers.

With 22 years of experience as a Life Insurance Advisor, we are expanding our services to include General Insurance, covering areas such as Fire Insurance, House Insurance, Car Insurance, Office Insurance, Factory Insurance, Mediclaim  Policy, Workmen Compensation Policy, and Jewelers Block Policy.

At "ANANDAM GROUP," our core mission is to enhance the dignity of every individual in society, particularly during three critical life stages: retirement, disability, and the loss of a key family member. We aim to provide financial protection by replacing the current income of the key person in any of these life stages.

We as a Team:

Our team is dedicated to providing policy services through a variety of methods, including both automated and manual processes. These services encompass Premium Reminders, Survival Benefits, Maturity of Existing Policies, Loan Assistance, Address and Nominee Changes, as well as Policy Assignment and Reassignment. Additionally, we introduce new plans through email, messages, and personal calls. Our primary objective is to address the financial needs of our customers, identifying their financial challenges and offering doorstep solutions and services.

ANANDAM Group has set ambitious targets, aiming to offer doorstep services to 1,100 families by 2023, 10,000 families by 2025, and 25,000 families by 2030.

Our organization boasts a Personalized Customer Advisory Service and a technologically well-equipped office. Our team is composed of young, expert, and dynamic professionals. To date, we have served approximately 900+ families, managing more than 3,200 policies. We have also assisted approximately 2,500 orphan policies and supported numerous clients with their diverse financial requirements.

Our customer base is continuously expanding, and our efforts to engage with each customer remain steadfast. The awareness among our customers is increasing significantly, and they can access comprehensive insurance information on our website without reservation. Furthermore, customers have the capability to independently manage their portfolios with the utmost confidentiality.

We are Expert in: -
1) Business Insurance
2) Keyman Insurance
3) Employer-Employee Policy
4) MWP Policy
5) Claim Settlement
6) Survival Benefit Dues
7) Maturity Dues
8) Death Claims
9) Loan Facilities
10) Surrender of policies
11) Change of mode/Change of Nominee/Change of Address/NEFT Registration etc.
12) Assignment of Benefit

Staff: -
Well-trained, courteous & professional staff. 
Mr. Girish Patel (LIC & General insurance)
Miss Nency Gajjar (Service Head)
Miss Chaitri Matamda (Mutual fund Executive)
Mr. Hitesh Antiya (Project Finance & Loan)
Mr. Shreyansh Bharsadiya (Home Loan)